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Bringing Up John by Ellen Walker


In this intimate look at life on the Autism spectrum a mother reveals the touching, exhausting, and, ultimately rewarding details of raising a child with Autism. From the earliest signs that John was somehow different, to his triumphant High School graduation and transition into adulthood, Ellen Walker details the pitfalls and tribulations of parenting in uncharted territory, while at the same time presenting the reader with an inspiring profile of a boy struggling to make sense of his world with bravery and intelligence.


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Hoover’s Children by Tony Irons


Somehow, somewhere a secret list of ultra-radical college students has been smuggled out of a federal prison. At J.Edgar Hoover’s direction, a covert plan has been concocted to coerce young Americans into becoming undercover agents in a desperate attempt to find that list and neutralize the Weather Underground before it can join forces with the Black Panthers. Sean O’Neal leaves the tough streets of South Boston to become a Green Beret and fight a guerilla war in the jungles of Vietnam. He returns home with his life shattered, and finds himself ensnared in Hoover’s plan. Jack Duncan, a child of the counter-culture, leaves college to travel overseas. What he doesn’t know is that the FBI has put him directly in Sean O’Neal’s crosshairs.


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Judy’s Journey by Earle Whitcher


There are many who will derive benefit from the experiences Earle relates in this account. Certainly those dealing with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses (as well as their family and friends) will identify with Judy’s Journey. For survivors, it affirms their personal struggle. It provides a therapeutic intervention for those who have survived the loss of a loved one. Earle’s narrative serves as a resource to individuals involved in healthcare, including educators and students in diverse and associated fields. Judy’s Journey contributes to better understanding and empathy for pastors, counselors, and for those whose ministry is that of encouragement and grief resolution. It is a journey filled with challenges, triumphs, and acceptance. Told from the powerful and intimate perspective of her husband, Judy’s Journey is an inspirational experience that deserves to be shared with others.


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It’s History by Hans Baumann


In this book, the author provides a march through history from 240 BC to the present. He presents it in 65 short essays, providing sometimes amusing but never dull and certainly interesting accounts of: What happened to the king who got killed by his doctor? Who was the pope who resigned in office? Or, why did Napoleon lose the battle of Waterloo? to give some examples. You, the reader, will be fascinated, surprised and entertained, but never be bored.



$13.99 plus $3.00 shipping


Salmon Falls, 1956 by Dick Janelle


The setting is a quaint village on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, in the spring and summer of the year 1956. Teenage antics, romance and mishaps provide humor and tension as Dicky pursues his goal of accomplishing a three-day backpacking solo trip in the mountains to prove his manhood, a family tradition going back many generations. Major characters from three different generations make this more than a teen book. Dicky’s grandfather provides wisdom based on his Native American heritage. Senior Citizens will not only relate to the Town Elders but also find themselves reminiscing about how things were back in the middle of the twentieth century. Dicky’s boyhood crush, Patsy, offers a feminist viewpoint through the eyes of a thirteen-year-old girl with a strong yet delightful personality. Her summer job as a dock jumper, delivering mail to the island residents, expands the story to a girl’s coming of age as well. The hunting, fishing, boating and backpacking adventures will appeal to adventurers of all ages.

$15.00 plus $3.00 Shipping




Picnic For Twelve by Jack Driscoll


Relying on love letters and diary notes, this memoir focuses on the ups and downs — mostly ups — in the lives of Frank and Mary Driscoll and their 10 children, who had 41 grandchildren. How many great grandchildren? Anybody’s guess.

Much of what is known about the family’s life during a historic 65-year period, that included the Depression sandwiched between two world wars, comes from the parents’ personal writings as well as a 38-page mini-book she wrote when her nest was empty. The rest comes from the collective memories of the children.


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The Elimination Plan by Chris Casko


A prosecutor for the state of New Hampshire, unhappy with the lenient sentences given to convicted criminals, decides to take matters into his own hands.  His “Elimination Plan” is a success, but how long can he keep it up without being caught??



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High On Gold by Lee Richmond


Escaping an LSD crazed summer in Cambridge, Mass., Gervys Lecomte hitchhikes west to California, which is about to become the “making it mecca of hippiedom”. It is 1965.




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Markings by Russell Buker


Russell Buker always dissolves his readers into vivid landscapes, close to his present home, enriching the experience with cogent references to history, geography, and philosophy where our vanishing points fade in or out, a blurring of wet rose petals on a stone walk is clarified by his mother asking him who he is, thereby offering a wide-eyed view that mixes dream or vision with the tantamount of the personal lyric in all of us.

“I have had 12 books published and certainly the best experience was with Tom @ RiverRun. “
–Russell Buker

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