Hello! As of fall of 2022, Piscataqua Press is no longer accepting new submissions or clients. Don’t worry! We are happy, healthy and still very busy publishing books. However, we no longer act as an official publisher. Instead, as Holbrook Author Services, we work with authors one-on-one to help them be their own publisher. We offer all levels of editing, as well as design and technical services. No matter where you are in the process, we can help. Your final product won’t say Piscataqua Press on it, but you will have complete control and won’t share rights or royalties with us in any way. We are a strictly “for hire” company. 

So, need something proofread? We can help. Need a cover designed? We can do that, too. Most importantly, though, if you are unsure where to start, we can walk you through the entire publishing process from beginning to end in a clear, transparent way and at a cost that won’t break your bank.

Helping inexperienced authors is our specialty. It’s what we’ve done for the past ten years as Piscataqua Press, and it’s what we’ll continue to do as Holbrook Author Services.

Things we can do for you:

Story consult and developmental edit

Full edit of book for grammar, flow, and continuity

Full design work and layout of manuscript

Cover design

Ebook design

Final proofread for typos

Technical assistance for account set-up and processing with KDP or Ingram Spark

Ebook promotions and marketing assistance

 Are You a Current Piscataqua Press Author?? Have no fear, we are still here! Contact Elliott at if you need help with ordering books, royalties, or any other questions.