We do accept a very few manuscripts each year for traditional publishing (in other words we cover all the costs up front, not the author). We hope to do more of this in the future, as finances allow.  Please drop us an email: to enquire.

Most of the time, however, we ask the author to contribute the upfront costs of editing, designing, and producing a book. As the author, you own all the rights to the work we do for you, and you have final veto over all design decisions. Piscataqua Press also takes a share of the net profit on the sales of each book. We believe in being utterly transparent about what we do and what we charge, so if you have any questions, please contact us!

 Average Length Fiction and Nonfiction books: $2500

These books are published under our imprint, Piscataqua Press, and appear on our website. These books must be professionally edited, and this price includes full copyediting (for sentence clarity, word choice, & structure) and proofreading (for typos). If you want it, the book will also receive an editorial consult from Tom Holbrook, the head of Piscataqua Press (be careful what you wish for! Most people find this incredibly useful, but others are anxious to publish and are not interested in any rewriting.).

If you have already had the book professionally edited to a high standard, and we agree that it has been done effectively, the price will be adjusted downward. Likewise, very long or very short books will also be considered for a price adjustment, which will be decided on before work begins.

This endeavor includes:

Story consult and developmental edit, if desired

Full edit of book for grammar, flow, and continuity

Full design work and layout of manuscript

Cover design

Ebook design

Final proofread for typos

Bulk orders available in paperback to the author at discounted price

Ebook promotions and marketing assistance

Piscataqua Press handles all accounting and pays author profits quarterly

 Children’s Picture Books 

After years of experimentation, we have decided to no longer publish picture books.

How the money works

Our fees:

We take two thirds of the publishing fee at the signing of the contract, and the remaining third when you have approved the final proof. This down payment allows us the time and labor necessary to help you produce the best possible book.

Ordering books for yourself:

This takes 15 to 20 days, and must be paid for when the order is placed. The cost to you is the cost of printing and shipping the book, which is generally about 50% of the retail cost of the book to the public. Orders can be as few as 10 copies.

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