As a small press, we do a bit of everything: Editing, proofing, design, ebooks, etc. As independent publishing has evolved over the years, we’ve realized that in most cases it is best if the author becomes their own publisher, and takes full control over their work and their author career (and 100% of their own royalties!). For those who need extra hand-holding, we still offer our full package (see HERE), but for most people we now urge you to hire us on an hourly basis.

We charge $45/hour. In most cases, this will come out to less than buying a full package from us. The downside? Once the book is published, we will not take care of administrative work, or be on-hand to assist you with issues you may have as an indie author (but of course you can hire us again to help if needed).

Here are some of the things you can hire us to do:

–Set up Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and or Ingram Spark accounts

–Developmental editing

–Line editing


–Interior layout, design, and file prep for paper and ebooks

–Cover design

–Acquiring ISBN and barcode

–Setting up entry level Facebook and Amazon ads.

If you are confused about what any of these tasks are, contact us and we’ll be glad to explain in greater detail.

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