Do we publish Children’s Books??!      You betchya!

We keep getting asked by authors if we know any good illustrators to provide pictures for the books they are working on, and the answer is “YES!” We’ve made a list below of illustrators we have a relationship with. We invite you to get in touch with them directly, as they work independently of Piscataqua Press (you don’t need to be publishing with us to hire them):

simonSimon Adams: I have illustrated many kinds of stories, from high fantasy action to “how to” images in Woodenboat Magazine. I have also worked on several children’s books that have yet to see publication. Some are my own stories, some were illustrated for other writers.  Samples of all of my work can be seen at my website here,

meghanMeghan Bergeron: I am currently a junior at Keene State College.  I am pursuing a dual major in graphic design and studio art at Keene in the BFA degree program. I was raised on the seacoast of New Hampshire, which has inspired much of my artwork.  I have worked in many different fields of art such as oil painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and digital media. Along with my course work I am also working part time as a graphic designer through the Keene State College Student Center.

Kitty Night cropMaryhop Brandon: I am Maryhop Brandon, aka Hopkins Brandon and am an artist but also a decorative painter.  I have done many decorative paintings specifically for nurseries and young children’s rooms.  I would be very interested in talking with authors about illustration.  My mediums are gouache and acrylic primarily in decorative ptg/illustration but I also do ink line drawing illustration for cards, calendars or newsletters.  My style is slightly whimsical, colorful when not black ink, and incorporates lots of flora and fauna.
My studio phone is 207.439.5220.  And email:  I live and work in Eliot, Maine.

witchJess Guercia: I am 34 years old. I graduated from Paier College Of Art with a degree in illustration. My ultimate goal with my art is to create images that create happiness and inspiration in people of all ages. Children’s book (illustrations) inspired me as a child to never stop making art, so that’s what I plan to do. Hopefully people will enjoy it. Thank you for your time!  (603)733-7578


Lorena Mary Hart: Originally trained as a Graphic Designer, Lorena has worn several hats in the field of Art  ( display artist, art rep. , illustrator ) while raising her daughters.
An opportunity to create murals for the Children’s Museum of NH , reignited her love for working with color, shape and design. Another happy by-product being her new-found joy in creating art specifically for the enjoyment of children!

Leona Hosack A Windy Day in MaineLeona Hosack: Leona has a Bachelors degree in Visual Design and Illustration from Umass at Dartmouth, and Certification in Art Ed. from UNE, Biddeford, Me, USM, Gorham, Me.  She illustrated the book Willie and The Number Three Door in 1990 produced by Bellwood Press., and Kamal’s Day, soon to be released, which was both written and illustrated by Leona. She has also written and illustrated a book for middle readers called Babysitter Blues, produced by One Voice Press, which is available on Amazonkindle as an ebook, and will soon be produced in print form.


Mish6-300x281Cheryl Johnson: Cheryl has a  degree in Fine Arts, with a minor in Art History from MECA, Maine College of Art.

landsmanAnna Rae Landsman: I am professional working artist and an educator in Chicago.  I acquired my BFA at Herron School of Art and Design (Indianapolis, IN) and my MFA at Maine College of Art (Portland, ME).  My education had a focus on formal and conceptual interdisciplinary fine art, theory, and art history.  During my undergraduate career, I was working to supplement my income as an assistant at a Montessori school.  I eventually turned that into this experience into my day-to-day employment.  I moved back to Chicago after finishing school and am currently employed at a public Montessori school in the city.  I continue to maintain an active studio practice and have had numerous commissions work over the last few years.  I have been looking forward to illustrative work where I collaborate with an author.  My website and blog will give you insight to my varied methods and mediums.

Dolphin (1)Tracy Maxfield: Tracy Maxfield is a lover of reading, the arts, cats, and the power of the imagination. Her home is filled with music, creativity, and the crazy, lovable antics of her two cats. She resides in a small town in New Hampshire.

Visit her on Facebook HERE

elemental 3.7Kirsten Merinda: Kirsten is a local artist who received some training in her early years of college. She has since has been exploring various mediums, including encaustic painting, while also practicing as a therapist. Kirsten is interested in working with other artists who are publishing short pieces of writing or poetry.

Empire StateMolly Paul: Molly Paul is a painter and illustrator who grew up drawing, loved art class and recess best in school, and doodled her way through college (University of Pennsylvania).  Her father took her to look at paintings at the Louvre and the Tate, but forbade her to major in art in college. As an adult Molly cared for her four children, worked as a nonprofit administrator, and did art on the side, designing gardens and making cards for family and friends, under the informal business name Mom’s Mad House Kitchen Table Cards. After her children graduated from college, Molly finally turned to painting and drawing full time.  Today she lives in Concord with her two dogs and her husband, a furniture maker.

NatetheNorncolorJoel Rivers: Born at the tail end of the 60’s in San Francisco, Joel Rivers moved to Maine in 2003. Shortly after, he won a Xeric Foundation Grant for comic book self-publishing and produced his first comic book, Along The Canadian. He has gone on to for a wide verity of clients around the country and in 2012 helped form Out For Justice-Maine’s first “complete concept house” with two other artists to work on larger ventures in the entertainment industry. World mythology, science, and history are still major inspirations for his drawings, and fine art techniques his favorite mode of expression.


Todd Russell: Todd grew up on an island off the coast of Maine. He is an owner of the Merchant Company in Portland. His illustrations have appeared in various publications and he self-publishes his own comic/zine ‘Bristle’.

natesNate Schoman: Nate is a multimedia artist specializing in Animation, Motion Graphics, and Videography.  His work has been published by Weekly Reader Magazine, featured in The Huffington Post, Parenting Magazine, MetaCafe, Mashable, The SF Chronicle Online, Streetsblog, CBS Local, and PBS Online – and his videos have been watched more than a million times on the Web.

Master of the Forest

James Vaughn: James  is a local artist and writer with a passion for fantasy characters, settings, and creatures. He holds two degrees in the Studio Arts and while his principle medium is graphite, he also enjoys watercolor, pen and ink, and acrylic painting. He has worked on numerous projects for local artists, ranging from book and CD covers to internal illustrations and personal commissions. He enjoys drawing fantasy of all kinds, from the playful and whimsical to the dark and foreboding.

4left 100ddfa out on the pier 350 acopyAgy Wilson: I live in Maine and I love family, art, environment, history, calligraphy and all things language. It’s only natural for me throw it into a huge pot and cook up my books. When I’m not playing with kids or pets, I’m usually immersing myself in my work.

Agy’s Facebook Page