Our royalty policy varies depending on how the book is sold, and it can be complicated to explain, so ideally this is a conversation we have in real life, but since authors are (rightly) interested in the details of royalties, here is a rough description:

* If you buy the book directly from Piscataqua Press and sell it independently, you keep all the profit. This is also the case if you simply hire us to do hourly piecework for you (details here)

Example: If the retail price of the book is $15, and you spent $7 to have the book printed, then you profit the full $8 from the sale.

* If the book sells in RiverRun Bookstore, you make 70% of the retail price.

Example: If the retail price of the book is $15, you make $10.50, which includes the printing of the book. So if the book cost $7 to print, your profit would be $3.50. This is exactly the same as any independent author consigning a book at RiverRun (you will find most bookstores want a 60/40 split, rather than our 70/30).

* If the book sells online, you receive 70% of the net profit, we receive the other 30%. The net profit is the retail price of the book less printer, shipping, and vendor fees (Amazon, the distributor, etc.). Six months after the publication of the book, you will receive your first royalty. This will continue quarterly from that point on.

Example: A $15 paperback novel that is 250-300 pages would typically end with a $3 payment to the author. ($15 retail less 20% to distributor=$12 less $7.50 to the printer= $4.50 less 30% to Piscataqua Press= $3.15) This is just an estimate.

*Ebooks work the same way as selling a book online, but without the printing or shipping costs. We take the net profit sent to us quarterly by the sales outlet (kindle/nook) and split it with you 70/30.

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